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They only asked us to be mindful of the poor, the very thing I was eager to do. — Galatians 2:10 At points like this I can barely recognize Paul. When he says “Who will free me from this body of sin?” I say “Amen! Amen!”, but here, in passages like this, I do not know what he is talking Read More


Parasite’s Epiphany A lake is a pillar upholding the sky Deep unto deep resounding Cool serenity and cold chaos What a fearful thrill to paddle tip touch Fathom to fathom, or to test A little further courage– Mirrored in mockery, parable in parody — Shy retreat styled bold reach Finding nothing, no thing hidden; Nothing we can compass, compressed As we Read More

Dreams May

Beautiful Shore Night is the terror of entaloned prey The one hunted by spirits The one stalked by shadows Night is the peace of the lake ever still Not hurried by any earth curse Not labored by any far shore Night is the echo of unanswered silence The sound of a breaking promise The sound of a departing hope Night Read More

Restless Into That Night

He knew better, as he always did – he knew there were better tools to use and better materials, and better methods. My dad made that bunkbed with a circular saw and a chisel because that’s what he had. He used the saw to cut many close slits and then cleaned out a wide mortice with the chisel, but he Read More