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We have an unhappy-seeming wood. At the old place the paths ran like rivers through the wood, and you could follow them without tearing through brush or stepping over more than the occasional tree. Here, riotous brush packs the space between snarled trees that have drowned in the inch of mud that holds pools of water all over the rocky Read More


My complaint (for everything from me must be either a complaint or a critique) is simple:  a surplus of luxury. I have been feeling mopey for, oh, months anyway, and can’t seem to shake it. I thought if I enrolled in an MBA program I would be challenged and burdened enough to keep my preoccupied, but no; I fit that Read More

It Must All Equal Zero

A considerable part of my job is reading the tea leaves to determine why our market share is what it is and what it is likely to do next. We calculate our market share by submitting our sales and getting aggregated totals back. There are various details to this information, but to maintain confidentiality of contributing members’ specific information a Read More

Novelty and need

I’m living a pretty easy life right now, but I still find ways to complain about it. I told a friend I wished I had more friends. “Why?” he said. “What’s lacking in your life now that having more friends would provide?” Stupid question, right? A lack of friends would be cured by having more friends! And, you shouldn’t value Read More