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Live to work

I have officially begun spending money to justify how much I work. It is official because I decided so. It is important to document because I must, having come to this conclusion, take action. But I reached this conclusion weeks ago, have done nothing yet, and have no plans to do anything now. There is therefore either a lie, a Read More


I took today off to decompress. This sounds nice, since I have been travelling every week for two months or so, and complaining about it for the last several weeks. The problem is that during compression, what was compressed comes out. When I get in these crunch times at work, I do what needs to be done. It is time Read More

Beside myself

I forget sometimes that I don’t have a monopoly on being socially clueless. Saying the worst possible thing at the worst possible moment. For months I have been tagging along with a Sunday school at a Baptist church. I don’t really know why. That is, I know several reasons why, but none of them alone and even all of them Read More

Found Wanting

“You have been weighed in the balances, and found wanting,” Daniel informed Belshazzar. The significance of this depends on who was doing the weighing. I have felt myself considered short in many different ways, but only once do I remember feeling I had been found fundamentally lacking righteousness. I will use that word, anyway; theologians might tell me there is Read More