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“You will really like this. This is very scriptural, it has the Word of God woven all through it.” I heard this again today. Yet again. So many books, so little time There are, it may be, so many Biblical books in the world, and none of them is without significance. Whenever I try to tell someone, as kindly and Read More


I went to a Baptist church for months and then stopped. I was not, to any meaningful degree, bored, offended, unfulfilled, or opposed to their stated doctrines. I stopped joining their primary worship service because it was a worship service. The people at large (the laity, the attendees) were having something provided to us by the elect few (the pastor Read More

Eroding expectations

Recollective readers may have caught my allusion to my first post in the title of my previous article about this local house church. It is time to see what has become of those expectations, even if this story is not over yet. I did not go to this house church much in December because of repeated cancellations for various causes. Read More

Great Expectations

Today I visited the first house church I have found in this area. I could not tell you tonight whether it’s the beginning of answered prayer or of great dissappointment. In this part of the country, everyone knows the whole countryside from their youth, so the concept of road signs is not really understood. There are road signs; some little Read More