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The program

I have just a little experience with programming, mainly from two college courses. From that experience, here are a few of the problems I think programmers spend the most time fixing: Forgot a comma, quote, or parenthesis Misspelled the name of a variable Forgot to instantiate a new object, or delete an old one I know some of you have Read More


I have ideal circumstances for pursuing an MBA: Low expenses Good income & benefits Few family obligations Right kind of intelligence I am not enrolled in any secondary education program. I have considered it often but I have never actually begun the process. I am not sure why, except that I don’t want to begin such a project without feeling Read More

The Faltering Economy

What you buy at the store is what you will eat at home. I have tried from time to time to see if I could buy chips and “health” bars and other snacks and then go home and eat a three-course meal, and thus far I have always wound up with one hand in a snack bag and the other Read More

Searching alone

Somewhere around the time I decided to start peeking into these sundry churches, my brother Rundy suggested I should go to the 2008 Searching Together conference (for reasons unknown, the 2008 conference is not mentioned on the website). At that point in time I had only travelled by plane twice before in my life, on business; out of the 14 Read More