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Out of place

This Sunday was my third consecutive Sunday at Tioga Baptist. I have been there once before, so the total is four visits. Tioga Baptist is starting a new series in its Sunday School, working from Lee Strobel’s The Case for Christ. It’s certainly not the first time I have heard of Strobel’s book, but it is the first time someone Read More

The least

This Sunday and the past Sunday I drove a neighbor who is temporarily without a car to her church. It’s quite a small church and not even half full, and the attendees fit the pejoratives for backwoods hillbillies. All have the bedraggled look of uncultured rustics more used to working outside then meeting indoors, and mental handicap is overrepresented. The Read More

We are gathered here today

I’ve missed two weeks now of reporting on my sallying out into organized Christianity. Tomorrow I will go to the same church as I did last Sunday, as I am driving neighbor whose car has broken down, so I will describe that church tomorrow or later in the week. The Sunday prior I went to the other church recommended to Read More

To Zion

Today I went to Zion. Not the historical Zion, of course, but a local institution calling itself by that name. It was indeed a mountain. In my early childhood I considered mountains to be only those geographic features with jutting, raw rock and year-round snowcap. It wasn’t that kind of a mountain, but as you drove up it the valley Read More