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Bad: You may now shake hands

So far, out of three church services I have attended, in three of them we were instructed by the pastor to shake hands with other members of the congregation, or otherwise greet one another. If you understand “fellowship” as a meeting among peers, and Christian fellowship as a gathering of Christians to discuss life in Christ, then being instructed to Read More

Bad: Bible Twister

In the game of Twister, there’s a mat with rows of different colored spots and you must place the specified hand or foot on a dot of the specified color. In most cases of Bible teaching, you have to touch on a series of verses: Romans 2:11! Ephesians 5:1! Leviticus 20:4! Now make a sermon out of those verses! You Read More

Bad: Something for all ages!

The word of God does not need to be made relevant in order to reach a people or generation. The word of God is living. Introduced to the Word, and allowed to interact with the Word, beleivers will reach personal revelations by the Holy Spirit. What separates the people of God, what segregates them by age and culture, are the Read More

Good: Bibles provided

How can a Protestant church put a hymnal and the book of common prayer in the pew, but not the Bible?