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Submission on Authority

I have wanted to produce the authoritative guide to New Testament teaching on authority, and this is less a pun than an irony. Perhaps sometime I will produce a categorical, comprehensive analysis of each New Testament use of authority. For now: a working outline. First, the reader should understand that my religious background has been what some might call libertine. Read More

Original Tongue Seduction

The Christian scholar today is expected to know Greek and Hebrew. Commentators quibble on the language as a matter of course, and even the consumer-level cheerleaders will refer to nuances of the language to make a point. It is not imagined that you could have a serious scholarly interest in the Bible and not know at least one of its Read More

Why believe the Bible?

I rely on the Bible. Often I do not think of it as “the Bible,” but as a part of myself or of the universe. It is. It has no distinct, quantifiable nature than can be analyzed. But like other things that simply exist in my life, such as my right hand, the Bible actually can be considered as a Read More