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I need to get out more

Just before the Christmas break I made an exception from my usual hermitage and joined some coworkers at a bar after work. I had ginger ale. I seriously considered ordering a drink. All I wanted to do was relax and enjoy some company, as I typically do with my family on Saturday, and I couldn’t relax. The conversation consisted of Read More

A pain in the back

Tuesday, toward the end of the shift, I realized my back was going to seize up. I shifted and there was a quick flicker, such as sometimes happens to the power just before an outage, of tightness across my back. I had not done any lifting or straining that day or the day before. The only thing I can think Read More

Failure of Inconsequence

On Monday, arriving for work, I found an e-mail from the highest authority asking me to explain something I can not control and can only slightly effect. I made a pie chart and a bar chart representing what the situation that I could not effect was, and then I attended a meeting on that subject. For the balance of the Read More

Why you do not want to go solo-cell

Since moving to the apartment, my personal telephonic connection is through my cell phone only. I am not a frequent phone user; I only first purchased a cell phone when I was going to make my first ever flight, on business. I maintained only a low amount of prepaid minutes until I moved to the apartment, where until quite recently Read More