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The trash is starting to smell

I have noticed that it is hard to find garbage bags in any size smaller than large. Probably not as hard as I first supposed, but with this thought in mind I decided, when I was furnishing the apartment, to get a large trash can. That way I wouldn’t waste trash bag capacity. I discovered the amount of trash I Read More

Too cool for my own good

When I first moved to this apartment, back in July, ice formed in the milk jug because the refrigerator was set too cold. Not that it was set to its coldest setting; rather, I have been pushing it slowly further and further past the half-way point, unwilling to push the dial all the way over to the warmest setting. After Read More

Why the new law won’t work

There are two kids in the back seat, and little Ashley whines, “Mom, he’s touching me.” So Mom says, “Sam, stop touching your sister.” And in less than thirty seconds, there is Sam, expertly holding his finger an inch from Ashley’s face, whispering “I’m not touching you!” Anyone who could doubt this scenario has not had two kids in the Read More

How to Talk About Clothes

Due to the sensitive nature of my topic–I am going to talk about women and clothes–I feel that I must first issue a total and absolute disclaimer. It covers everything: my credibility on the topic, my indemnity should you attempt to apply anything you find below and suffer undesired consequences, and any impression that someone specifically is being described, or, Read More