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We have an unhappy-seeming wood. At the old place the paths ran like rivers through the wood, and you could follow them without tearing through brush or stepping over more than the occasional tree. Here, riotous brush packs the space between snarled trees that have drowned in the inch of mud that holds pools of water all over the rocky Read More


I am always surprised by how it feels to be sick. I remember sickness as a pain in a specific body part. More and more, I think, I experience sickness as a pervasive sense of ill health. Last Saturday I started the weekend with an exam at 8 a.m. I finished the test about an hour later. By noon I Read More

True Love

A blogger with more compassion than I have entertains a question from the audience about love: “I know God loves me, but sometimes I get really lonely…” Weight has never yet been a problem for me, but it’s not just fat girls that get lonely. As regards to feeling lonely I sympathize with the letter writer, and I know that Read More


Shortly before I moved I went with some friends to a paintball course. Up to that time I had never experienced paintball. It sounded like fun. I was taken aback by the cost of the actual paintballs, but it was something of a farewell party, in my mind at least, and I didn’t want to hold back on the occasion. Read More