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Knowing Better

Saturday I took the GMAT. They send you an e-mail the day before warning you that you won’t be allowed to take the test if there is any discrepancy with your ID. I checked to make sure my driver’s license matched the name on the receipt and all was well. At the test center, though, it turned out that my Read More

Failure Testing

I work in Marketing. This is how we categorize facts in Marketing: Stuff I made up. Stuff someone else made up. I can explain this to you in greater detail if you like. It sounds like a very ignorant view of the world but it is much more cynical than it is ignorant. Even those “crunchy” facts from engineers get Read More

X-Rays of Gas

According to the walk-in clinic doctor I’m fully managing all of my symptoms and risks. He listened with a stethoscope and looked with an x-ray and told me I had normal gas bubbles and nothing unusual in my guts. Something’s up, I tell you, but without an acute symptoms and having done all due diligence, we shall consider this an Read More

Version control

You know what I could really use right now? A nice incisive piece of writing by me. The occasional gasps that escape from me onto this blog suggest that I am being completely consumed by my work. I wish this was true and also a good thing. I would like to “work” at something that is worth doing whole-heartedly. Actually, Read More