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Breathing, at my age

I was hiking a week before my birthday and as I stumped along I regretted that I was a year older. That hasn’t happened before; I have laughed at people who are bothered by their birthdays. What difference does it make? Closer to being dead; so much the better. It wasn’t the death ahead that bothered me, though; it was Read More

Slices of Brain

“This card was declined.” He said it quietly, professionally, his tone a mixture of sympathy and inquiry, inquiry to suggest the face-saving possibility that there was some mistake and sympathy because we both know there wasn’t. It’s not the first time I’ve heard this. I have never been truly financially straightened, but from some muddled circumstances I was not perceptive Read More

Philosophy is gentrified name-calling

Philosophy is kind of interesting because philosophers break their own rules. As far as I know they always do; I haven’t studied them all. (Ha ha.) I got to watch R. C. Sproul make himself look unintelligent. The man is intelligent, but he went ahead and broke his own rule, on video. He explained the difference between a contradiction (two Read More

I was hoping you wouldn’t ask

I just failed a screening interview. It wasn’t even a phone screening. It was an online survey and I was unwilling to lie enough to pass through the filter. On my resume I just avoided the awkward bits where I didn’t quite meet the requirements, but then to submit it I had to check boxes and enter numbers–cold, hard numbers–which Read More