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Honorable Mention

Something Blue In every great house we find Tupperware in daily use So perfectly proportioned We always need more than we have; And fine China rarely touched, suitable For holding our breath and serving Dreams newborn and promised and met; And borrowed dishes, passing ever away, No matter how fit or fine, or with what Words of blessing we met them. 1/3/2022

Salt of the Earth

Up Rooted I went home to a foreign land next door Where the fearful braves knew all The secret names of God; but for me They had no name. So I was called The Moabitess; wholly comprehended, In every stranger’s glance, by my father’s shame. They knew the secret art of turning Staff to serpent, water to blood; and All Read More

Water remembered

Late Conversation Late into night we forget our plans As the tide abandons ambition— Reluctantly, returning to the front, But with ever less effect; leaving, Quite accidentally, sentiments exposed. Sea glass and driftwood, mostly; Things only children keep. And so our younger, less tired selves Are revealed, and we say simple things. Seawater seeps as easily from tired eyes As Read More


Line Unto Line Come, said the line to the line Let us travel together, and be parallel; I will be true to you, and you will be true to me. No, said the line to the other, My way is not your way. Even now we are diverging. Farewell! But come, said the line to the line, We can only Read More