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What ocean are we in now?

I’m bad at poetry. I bought Lissa Schneckenburger’s CD of the same name and began playing it frequently. One of the songs, “The Irish Girl,” has the chorus Let the wind blow high and low my boys let the seas run mountains high It is the seamen’s duty the helm to stand by After a month or two–maybe three–I realized Read More

The death of a prophet

O Father! Darkness all around Unrevealing night, And a tumult of orange fire A mother holds her children. This too will pass—but when? The man on a white horse Rides into the night. He must go first. Will he return? How long? O Father! The chariots of Israel And their horsemen! 11/1/2007

It Will Not Be Long

As She Moved Through the Fair My love said to me, My Mother won’t mind And me Father won’t slight you For your lack of kind. Then she stepped away from me And this she did say: It will not be long, love, Till our wedding day. She stepped away from me And she moved through the fair And fondly Read More

Et tu?

Echoes of Pain The silent strain in your eyes, The anticipated blow— Tis the choking grief that ties. You feel the hurt I know. Loud thunders of a grief unheard Crossing the rift between us gain Volume which canst the heavens gird— Echoes of pain. Rain from clouded gaze Not else can see nor say— When alone the hand still Read More