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I got me some weeds

My sister T went out into the fields, collected dead weeds and twigs and things of that nature, and arranged from that a pleasing token of nature’s winter beauty. My apartment has always looked stark and unadorned, and–well, if I say it that way, it doesn’t bother me. I have never wanted my living space to look adorned, per se, Read More

A House of High Regard

I like the looks of this house a lot. I like the wide front porch which throws a welcoming arm out over the drive in a carport. I like the suggestion of a tower. I like the detailing, which doesn’t get carried away into total famboyance. I like the screened gazebo connected to the house by a short screened porch; Read More

Shadow and light

One of the most frequent concerns addressed in advertising for new construction or renovation is the abundance of natural light. Large windows are ubiquitously advertised and unquestioningly desired. While natural light is good for your health and aesthetically pleasing, some questions should be asked about the large-window craze. The first question to ask is why we feel the need for Read More

The ideal house is not for everyone

This post introduces a series of musings on the design of housing. It’s likely to be a very intermittent series, but I have ruminated intermittently on house design for so long that the series will probably go on even over extended dormancies. In the short term I may make a spree, depending on how long the mood lasts. Each time Read More