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Sin in the eye of the beholder

I wore a red shirt with a starched collar to the family Christmas party. From my upbringing I got the disposition to regard nice clothes as the first step of fivolity toward decadence. I am not sure how much of that was deliberate principle versus circumstance and personal preference, but my mental point of reference is the conception of unstained, Read More

Here I am, once again

How odd that we most need help when we are least capable of asking for it. I am grateful the bad weather did not blow in yesterday, for I felt that I had to get home. I needed the emotional stabilization that comes from family. I don’t know why. Nothing has happened recently that is in the least out of Read More

Found snooping in other people’s stuff

A sermon on marriage. It appears there is a second part.

Home, Church, and School

For the stranger that stumbles onto this, let me clear up several biases right away. I was homeschooled right up through high school, stayed at home until college (when I lived with my grandparents), and have other post-school siblings still living at home. Also homeschooled, if that is not apparent. And I have not regularly attended any kind of church Read More