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  • Whose stuff were you snooping?

    Did you realize that Paul Washer is a C. Gaige favorite?

    Have you listened to the sermon? That you posted the link seems to imply you did, but you offer no comment.

    I haven’t listened to it (yet). I did read one written transcript of a speech by Paul Washer–in that one he struck me as being theologically othrodox, but his tone in the written transcript struck me as very grating and rather full of teeth gnashing. You can say true things in a very grating manner.

    I wondered if you listened to this sermon, and if it struck you in a similiar fashion.

  • Arlan Post author

    It’s not referrable; it was on a login-required site.

    I liked the first part very well, the second a little less, but I wouldn’t call either grating. I found them less onerous in presentation than the Searching Together cassettes.

    Particularly in the first part, I thought Washer did well by the task at hand. I’m not sure it was quite ideal for a message at the event of a wedding, but for a topical monologue he did a good job delivering a coherent, Biblically sound theme developed out of personal experience. He could perhaps have done better explaining how his point was found within Scripture, but I don’t consider citation and reference the focus of oral monologues. Of course I also don’t think sermons should be the basic unit of Christian instruction. But that’s not to say they shouldn’t exist, and again, I thought he did well in his task.

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