Marketing People With Charts

Today I found out what I wish I had saved when I threw out a bunch of filed papers. I still have three file boxes after eliminating one a few months past. I went through the three several times trying to find the Strong’s Interest Inventory I took some time ago. I am sure I saw it while going through things, but I could not find it now.

Then I discovered why I got rid of so much stuff. That file is still floating around on a hard disk and in my webmail. I recovered the evaluation despite losing my hard copy. Haha!

These kinds of aptitude tests are handy when new managers say they want to get to know you or HR arranges a mentor for you. It won’t replace knowing¬† person but at least it’s a talking point. Mine lists “Programming & Information Systems” as my top interest. I agree. My top area of Least Interest is “Marketing and Advertising.” I am currently working in Market Research and Intelligence. That could be awkward. A little later in the writeup it says, “keep in mind that you are likely to have little in common with people in those types of work and probably would contribute to such occupations in a unique way.” Let’s go with that.

I also called up my boss, Jon, from the old company. I’ve been meaning to. I was so excited to talk to him again I babbled. I still remembered to ask him for an evaluation for this mentoring program.