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I have had some ugly flight delays recently. I got some practice complaining. I always say I don’t mind traveling by air, it’s sitting in airports I don’t like. Well–some airplane seats aren’t so good either. But there is another side to the story. Some airplanes look beautiful, if you look up from your phone. And then, up in the Read More

Masquerading as People

My¬† boss’s boss, David, pulled me in the office today. “Spend some money,” he said. “Buy some clothes.” I had caught signals before that he wished I were a spiffy dresser, but I thought I had compensated enough. Evidently not. When I related this advice to my family, the menfolk were outraged. One brother hoped I flipped him the bird Read More

A Relaxing Week End

Today I went on an Epic Trundle. It lasted three hours and went off road and got me a blister. Walking is supposed to help move your bowels and mind went miles and miles. Not only that but I tried every other negotiating tactic ordinarily supplied to civilians. As a result I can now announce a stalemate. I got something Read More

Great and Terrible Will Be The Day of the Load

Yesterday my sister told me I was full of it. She was right. I’ve been blessed by a prophetic word from my sister, and I am full of it! Me and my gastronomy don’t talk much. We do infrequent business. It takes a couple of days for me to get around to sitting down for a long discussion, and even Read More