Happy Days Are Here Again

Today I was happy. Yesterday I was too. I think it’s because this latest Giant Annual Project (the third and hopefully the last) has been going quite smoothly now that I actually started it. For once my predecessor’s work is still valid, and I have only to be careful as I input data. This is so much less stressful than trying to figure out how to grab the right data and slice it the right way to get a result nobody’s ever seen before. Even when nobody’s seen the data that particular way before many of  them can quickly tell you it’s wrong. Others will bide their time and torpedo you when you finally think you’ve made it to friendly waters.

There may be some snags further down the line with this Giant Project. But I am spending most of my time working on it, with few diversions so far, and I seem to be on track to get three quarters of the way through it this week, with next week also reserved for the same project. Maybe it will get more dicey tomorrow when the boss comes back from his travel and wants data pronto. It will have to get somewhat tougher. But Justin’s getting a bit of momentum now himself and may be able to run interference on a lot of that, too. He’s certainly willing to try.

With this burst of good feelings I have got myself to book my GMAT test in March, so now the clock is ticking on that one.