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It’s not prison, it’s a corrective facility

Since my original post on terminal eyewear dependency drew an unusual amount of sympathetic response, here’s an update. I am accustomed enough to corrective effects of the glasses that what bothers me now are the side effects. Most often this is light reflecting on the back side of the lens. One morning it took me a while to puzzle out Read More

I can’t breath

I noticed recently that I hold my breath often. It seems to be subconscious punctuation–where I might have a dash, semicolon, or exclamation point if I were writing, when I am thinking I often catch my breath. When I have a trailing space, after completing one thought and considering where to go next, I hyperventilate. This mannerism does not strike Read More

Polyphonic Light Brigade

I use my cell phone for my morning alarm. It plays, with all the grandeur it can muster, “Leichte Kavallerie Overture.” To me it conjures the most famous Charge of the Light Brigade. Thus it is likely to remain my alarm for some time to come. The levels of irony, you see, make this an unassailable choice. For the tune Read More

From exposure to curtains

“I like looking outside. Even when it’s night, I like to see the dark,” said my brother. I know what he means. Of course it is grand to look out at a sunny day, but even when it is raining, when it is gloomy or pitch dark, there is a reassurance and a healthy reminder to looking outside. The weather Read More