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I love the smell of wood smoke on a cold day. Every time I catch a whiff of smoke mingled with frost, I feel I am getting close to home. Which is odd, since I have never lived in a home heated with wood.

Officially nominated

I have been Nominated, yes, Recommended, by a coworker, to audition for: The reality TV show “Beauty and the Geek.”

I got my knives

When I decided to move to an apartment, one of my agonizing decisions was what sort of cutlery to get. My mother had always remarked that sharp knives were crucial for a pleasantly functioning kitchen. For just about the entire time I worked in her kitchen she did not have particularly good knives, so I got to experience some of Read More

Yes, Virginia, use the telephone

Nobody in my family loves the telephone. I grew up thinking that my Mom did, because She answered the phone when it rang She would talk on it for more than three minutes neither of which you were likely to find my father doing. I have since met people who do love to talk on the phone; and in that Read More