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O Tapioca

I had in my mind that I would make some pies. Around Thanksgiving I made some and people at work have been entreating me for more ever since. The family pie dough recipe makes five crusts so I figured why not make pie for people I like a little better than just to work with, and bring leftovers in to Read More

Chili Impromptu

Discovered in the freezer when arriving home: chicken, beef, mixed bell pepper, corn, a remnant of blueberries. Put the frozen chicken in a pot over low heat, cover, and ignore it for half an hour or so, until the chicken is thawing out. Peer in at it. Flip it over maybe. Put some frozen corn in there too, and cover Read More

Lemon Thyme Chicken

Before I began preparing this meal, I had some leftover potatoes that had been boiled and treated with a rosemary-garlic dressing, off the shelf, and some fresh garlic. Plus a few leftover peas. I also knew I wanted to start using the cabbage I bought. So before I did anything else, I set out all three pans I own on Read More

Crumb Fish

I had some frozen whiting and as I pondered what to do with it I thought of half-cup or less of yogurt I had. The whiting was frozen when I put it in the oven. I think I had the oven set to 375 farenheit. I had a leftover hamburger bun that I had dried out the night before, so Read More