Crumb Fish

I had some frozen whiting and as I pondered what to do with it I thought of half-cup or less of yogurt I had. The whiting was frozen when I put it in the oven. I think I had the oven set to 375 farenheit. I had a leftover hamburger bun that I had dried out the night before, so I ground that up, added cayenne, black pepper, and oregano, and mixed the crumbs. Then I wandered off for 10 minutes or so.

When I returned, the whiting had thawed and was starting to stick to the pan. I hadn’t planned this stage out well and I was a little unsure of how to go through the mechanics of coating the fish with yogurt and then crumbs, especially now that the fish was soft and ready to fall apart. So I spooned yogurt onto the fish, spread it out, and sprinkeled the crumbs over it. I had about five fillet halves (some fillets in the bag were broken) and that used up all the crumbs.

The yogurt was non-fat French Vanilla. Although I was trying the yogurt-crumb covering, I definitely wasn’t sure I would like it.

As the fish finished baking, I chopped a tomato, sprinkeled with dried basil, sliced a section of cucumber, and cut four leaves of Romaine lettuce into strips. I sprinkeled the salad with red wine vinegar and drizzeled with olive oil, and that came out tasting just fine.

As for the fish: it tasted much better than I had even hoped. Whiting is a very mild fish to begin with, which is good for me since the essence of fish flavor does not appeal to me, but coated with the yogurt and then the crumbs, the taste of the fish almost disappeared. I did not taste any part distinctly, except for an occasional bite of cayenne; the yogurt and crumbs and fish had blended to a warm, hearty flavor that invited me back for more.