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As A Hedge

The blogs I admire most tend to have a strong element of personal transparency balancing the instructive or assertive elements. Bailey at My Holy Joy fits that preference. I admire the honesty of writing. It’s been especially interesting to observe the transformation of her perspective from stridently conservative to determinedly open and, lately, a bit of a reprise. Several of Read More

A broken mind

I started living with my grandparents in autumn of 2002 when I began attending the nearby university. When I got there Grandpa was an independent man who could drive us down back country roads that would turn out in some small town where the Methodists were having a $6 supper. During the course of my college education Grandpa developed symptoms Read More

Searching Together 2013

I gave a speech I titled “Justice and the Gospel” at the Searching Together conference this year. Several people said I presented well or that I made a great point. It was an odd experience because I felt I wasn’t really making a point at all, just listing a bunch of depressing facts about some history recorded in the Bible. Read More

What does that word mean?

Alan Knox has put up a couple of good posts about what church is. In one he talks about the difficulty of describing the difference between a group of people who belong together versus a group of people who get together to do things. In the other, Alan describes the feeling of being part of a group that belongs together. Read More