Today I asked my second-youngest brother to let me know when he organized his next magnificent trundle. Owen does not take walks; only trundles. The longer the better, and the more along the merrier. Today he got a party of seven together, but he failed to convince us to extend the walk around the country block. We went only down to the end of the street and back. It was downhill all the way, and thus uphill all the way back. On the outset of the trundle several parties mentioned various miseries of the walk back up, so we made it viciously brisk. Most of the party felt ill when it was over, including me. Owen was elated. Not at their misery; but it was cracking good trundle.

Then I drew the line art for this week’s strip of Captain Kabloomie. It will be colored by Justin and compiled, with the previous three, into a full page for his periodical, the Purdyville Post. Captain Kabloomie is a comic of absurdity, Pink Panther rehashed on a more juvenile level.

After I hung my dress shirt for work tomorrow, I played a computer game with three other brothers which involved shooting stuff. There are games which involve shooting that also have more to them, a story or visual art on the order of architecture, but this one really doesn’t; it’s about shooting stuff.

People at work ask if I have any hobbies. I tell them no. Few people can stretch their minds across all that I sometimes do.