Generic Weekend of Doom

Today I did what I was supposed to do: I took a practice GMAT. According to the practice test scoring, I got 99th percentile in Verbal but something much lower in Quantitative–forties I think. I only got about 2/3 of the way through the questions. Total was 83rd percentile if I recall.

It didn’t make my weekend feel longer or more productive or anything. My weekend, gone already..!

I have been running a little conceit on these posts in the ‘Today’ series. Each post is 256 words, as measured by WordPress’ built-in word count function. There’s some lag in the function and it sometimes does crazy jumps, but it seems to be accurate if I save the draft and let it recalculate. Theoretically the word count is a low, reachable limit so I have no excuse not to write. Practically speaking, I’ve just hit my stride by 256 words and I often drop a subject right in the middle. Theoretically, the word limit forces me to improve my style by removing useless words; practically, I sometimes insert a fluffy word to hit the magic number

I think interrupting my writing in stride is actually the best thing my little convention has done; once I get a head of steam up I can carry a topic too far, sinking hours into exploring the nuances. At least I imagine I am exploring the nuances while writing; afterward many such rambles just look disorderly.

I am not requiring all posts to obey this stricture, but it helps to keep my on pace.