Not My Problem!

Today I was supposed to be sequestered in a room calculating dealer evaluations with no interruptions. The Vice President of Dealers appointed for me this week of sober reflection and careful deliberation, and reserved for me a room in the Executive Wing for this sole purpose. The same Vice President also cancelled that reservation without telling me, so I felt like an idiot when I asked for it yesterday. Not that I have needed it; I’ve just felt awfully guilty about all the other work I’ve done for the Vice President of Marketing during my week of dedication. David is the VP of Marketing, my boss or the boss of my boss, depending on how I am talking. Coincidentally, I spent more of the day today doing things for the VP of Marketing.

This is all very well for today. I can still get the necessary things done for theĀ  annual grand magnificent dealer evaluation ritual. If we keep on this way, though, the available time will run out.

It’s a small trial. I’ve run short on big ones just at the moment. My immediate supervisor has picked up that lot, fiercely attacking the most baffling questions that demand as much imagination as information. It’s quite proper for him to do so. Since he has responsibility for coming up with the solutions it has cut me free to think of every possible complexity, and I think I am doing him a bit of a disservice by sprouting obstacles and entanglements every direction he wants to run.