Supper 10/30

Late out of work (about six). Late out grocery shopping. Late start to supper.

Two leg and thigh pieces of chicken, cooked stovetop over medium heat with a little bit of water to help keep from scorching and to add some steam heat, and dressed with a Romano salad dressing. Kept covered.

Spaghetti squash, frozen earlier in the year fresh from an uncle’s garden. About a cup and a half. One clove of garlic and some parsely flakes. Heated on the stovetop.

Spaghetti–the pasta, this time. Perhaps half a pound. Thrown into boiling water.

Combine all these ingredients, setting aside half for tomorrow’s lunch.

The results were a little bland, which I addressed with pepper and parmesean cheese. More dressing might have worked, too, and more garlic.

One Comment on "Supper 10/30"

  • If you pre-buy one of those bread crumb mixes they are an easy way to liven up fried chicken. If you lightly sprinkle both sides of the chicken with Red (Cayenne) Pepper before breading and then fry it’s a pretty quick, and not bad tasting, hot chicken.

    You can experiment with different seasonings to sprinkle on the chicken . . . even do seasoning without bread crumbs. I’ve tried a Mrs. Dash seansoning, but didn’t really like it.

    A 10 min soak in lemon juice can also add some lite flavor, but for the extra time I don’t find it adds equivalent taste.

    Of course, I’ve only done breast meat pounded flat. Legs and thighs will obviously have a little different taste.

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