Almost Finished Nothing

Today I stopped short of accomplishing anything, a half hour later than I had to stay. By the end of the day I realized that I need to provide  our dealership managers a file they need in order to meet their deadline. I am not sure they all realize they need it. Some of them may have already submitted their files to me without it. I have never been in charge of this annual compilation before and I am working from the cues I receive, so I don’t feel too awful about owing the file; but I could have done a better job of getting it to them. If I rush it out to them, though, and someone else has already provided the data, I imagine myself sowing confustion into this sensitive ritual. I am still not sure that the person responsible for this step is me.

I have to begin the collation of this annual report card at the same time I have to compile the monthly reports. I think it’s manageable, but I did neither today. Neither did I complete the urgent request I began which (I thought) was due this morning. Neither did I complete what (I thought) I needed to provide for the politically urgent research this afternoon.

I don’t really know what I did. I’ll tell you one thing: when I no longer feel responsible, I become less focused on getting the necessary done and allow myself much more talk about what would be nice. I can derail mission focus by mentioning every legitimate consideration that pops into my head.