I’ll Fly Away

Today I had a meeting with a vice president (not David, my second-level manager; a different one). This year I am repsonsible for compiling the information we use to evaluate our dealers and communicate how much we like them. Some of the information has been flowing in to me but I have not worked with any of it yet. I have been busy working on things for the vice president I report to.

This dealer evaluation is a major corporate ritual with awards and photographs of the top executives. It is the only  point in the year when every owner of every dealership in the country will be scrutinizing my work and avidly calling attention to errors (as they have already had occasion to do). The week of January 30th I am planning to work on nothing else–my vice president permitting.

The following week I am scheduled to go to a trade show, which means light work and free food. Also I am extending both ends of the trip to see some friends and relatives. After a grueling four months of major annual projects, I am looking forward to the change of pace and the time with friends I made at the old company.

As it turns out, this getaway week is also the only time this vice president can review my compiled information. I need to be on hand to explain and correct any perceived errors. It looks like I will not be going on my trip after all–at least not the part where I see friends.