Mandatory Bureaucratic Achievement

Today I sent an e-mail to the director of the local university’s MBA program. On the website they recommend this as part of the application process. One also needs to submit GMAT scores and other such things. I scored in about the 50th percentile when I took a practice GMAT. I suspect that is sufficient for admission to this school but I am not very happy with it. I would like to be 10 points higher than their average, and this is more likely 10 points lower. But I would like to know.

I have not been studying much since that practice test. I have difficulty imagining I can improve this score. I can’t rationally defend this fatalism, but every time I think I should study I find three things more worth doing. I think for motivation I need a better idea of what would be a good score for this university and how soon I need to get my application in for Fall admission. Applications are accepted continuously, but I expect there is a point after which you have to be fantastic to still get consideration for the class.

I fear I may already be too late. In the current economic climate there may be an overload of MBA applicants sending early applications. If I can’t muster anything above average, I may already have to wait until the 2014 class is assembled. If so, perhaps I will continue working for that APICS Certification in Production and Inventory Management. I have a greater affinity for production problems than marketing’s traffic in perception and theater.