Far away close to home

I should  not still be up at my computer so I will have to make this brief. And that means: point to something else I already wrote!

Go check out “The voice of one crying out in suburbia.” I have skimmed more than I have read of it but wish I did not have to stop reading, since Art seems to be similarly-minded and that is always pleasant. I’d be delighted if we lived closer. Like-minded people seem to be almost deliberately far away and out of reach.

Because¬†a certain loneliness is characteristic of the type I felt obliged to chime in my support on the topic in the post linked above, “Christians and the Sword.” This is a subject which I typically find engenders more misunderstanding and needless offense than necessary–perhaps it will for you. But I am not happy to be always avoiding it, eitiher, so I jumped on Art’s bandwagon.