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Wooly Eyes

Pastoral Sheep are the wealth of the poor;Shepherding a job for a punkWho has no better work:The last child, the left over,Walking nowhere, watching sheepEat and sleep and excrete,Doing nothing but waitingTo be sure that nothing is done. 2/25/2022For D.P.

Kindred Star

Heavy Years Glory is slow, like light A thousand years arriving To twinkle for a star; Glory is slow, like the sun’s Boiling imminent flame, always Afire, never yet burnt out; Glory is slow, like the water Sighing up from the ocean Again to the snowy mountain To take with it one tiny fleck of dirt; Glory is slow, like Read More

Honorable Mention

Something Blue In every great house we find Tupperware in daily use So perfectly proportioned We always need more than we have; And fine China rarely touched, suitable For holding our breath and serving Dreams newborn and promised and met; And borrowed dishes, passing ever away, No matter how fit or fine, or with what Words of blessing we met them. 1/3/2022

Salt of the Earth

Up Rooted I went home to a foreign land next door Where the fearful braves knew all The secret names of God; but for me They had no name. So I was called The Moabitess; wholly comprehended, In every stranger’s glance, by my father’s shame. They knew the secret art of turning Staff to serpent, water to blood; and All Read More