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Water remembered

Late Conversation Late into night we forget our plans As the tide abandons ambition— Reluctantly, returning to the front, But with ever less effect; leaving, Quite accidentally, sentiments exposed. Sea glass and driftwood, mostly; Things only children keep. And so our younger, less tired selves Are revealed, and we say simple things. Seawater seeps as easily from tired eyes As Read More


Line Unto Line Come, said the line to the line Let us travel together, and be parallel; I will be true to you, and you will be true to me. No, said the line to the other, My way is not your way. Even now we are diverging. Farewell! But come, said the line to the line, We can only Read More

Psalm 90

Already This already is the love of God: The sunlight will not thicken, The caress of air will not become a kiss. The threat of death will never, No never, no never, no never Be removed. In your dying ye shall die, And die and die and die; You will be naked and homeless; And this meager earth Will be Read More


Forty Wide-open eyes fret the ungrateful darkness Searching for hope; headlights discover nothing In the rearview mirror, driving empty miles Treadbare tired down never-ended roads Racing to finish the circle unsure where it began, Faster than his fullness, on deflating expectations Crack a window! Smell the promise! Taste light!Eat the memory of a missing burden you lost along the way. Read More