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Rain Falls Rain, they said, it should rain today And we looked up at the clouds Which had everything necessary But they were busy in the sun And we got no rain that day What we got was a promise Dark and bitter, like a seed Which crushes into powder Between wincing teeth And you would spit it out But Read More


Ovation O happy tree, whose glad hands Pass along seven loaves Of broken sunlight – Teach me to sing In your susurrus chorus, Lifted by an unseen wind. 7/28/2019

Take Warning, My Delight

Hem Red sky, red and pink Orange and purple and gold and blue All aflame in effulgent glory The hustling clouds cannot quite contain Halted, astonished, embarrassed, amazed Stained with excess incandescent grace 1/11/2020

A Better Word

“Step light and holy. Your fellow worker’s souls are at stake. ” So wrote a friend when I told how little I enjoyed my new boss. I did not know what he meant, or what connection his words might have to my plight. Some time later I thought of Shylock: “Hath not a Jew eyes? Hath not a Jew hands, organs, dimensions, Read More