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Hunger Pains

Eternally Yours O Lucifer, Deceiver, what a great serpent thou art! Father of nothing, thou art consumed By a private grief thou alone can know. Always hungry, never sated, Too full of thyself to speak — Thou canst not share thy sorrow, Thou canst not ask for love. O Jacob, O Israel, be not so quick to meat! Thou might love thyself to death. Read More

Driving on Icy Roads

On Saturday I had an obligation that could not be rescheduled in a city two hours away under normal travel conditions. Although the roads seemed wet, temperatures hovered around 33 F, threatening to conceal icy patches. I tried to keep my speed moderated as a concession to the unknown, and I was duly rewarded by cars passing me at seemingly Read More

God is a Monster

First I saw a link (via a Facebook friend) to this “Dear John” post, which offered a final dismissal of John Calvin and his doctrine of predestination. The author, Zack Hunt, explains that if God is the controlling cause of everything as John Calvin says, then “I think your God is a monster.” Then another Facebook friend posted a link Read More


I have had some ugly flight delays recently. I got some practice complaining. I always say I don’t mind traveling by air, it’s sitting in airports I don’t like. Well–some airplane seats aren’t so good either. But there is another side to the story. Some airplanes look beautiful, if you look up from your phone. And then, up in the Read More