Choosy Moms Choose Jiff

Today I realized that this is kind of boring. I thought I would probably get too busy to write something every day, but I’m not really so busy. I’m just not writing things I think would be interesting to read. The problem was supposed to be my unwillingness to start writing. I’ve felt a bit of that most days but it’s not that hard to overcome. Less than three hundred words is so easy to write, it can be done without thinking or saying anything.

I thought about turning this into a topical blog. But any particular topic that I actually want to address I also want to deal with at greater length than I can accomplish in this brief format; and the format is deliberately brief so that I can maintain the frequency. A checkmate of a sort.

Arthur Sido and Alan Knox, recent blog subscriptions, have been remarking on the importance of local community. Convenience has certainly taken hold of our culture, in churches and families.  A great many people are looking for community. The genuine condition seems to come when you don’t want it. Choice is the enemy of unity. The term I have heard somewhere of “intentional communities” doesn’t describe the accidental community in Jerusalem, or the pilgrims who wrote letters and were cataloged in that epistle to the Hebrews. On the whole I see less advice in scripture on improving our personal society than on changing our attitude toward what we’ve got. Community is a plus but Christ is the sum.