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To have met myself a stranger, and found a friend

Proud to be American Do you know what you’ve done to me? You made me happier than I thought I could be All my life I’ve tried to do What you’ve done so easily You make me proud to be American You make me happy to shop at the mall I’ll sit in church and sing with you I’ll dance Read More

Yes, Virginia, use the telephone

Nobody in my family loves the telephone. I grew up thinking that my Mom did, because She answered the phone when it rang She would talk on it for more than three minutes neither of which you were likely to find my father doing. I have since met people who do love to talk on the phone; and in that Read More

The trash is starting to smell

I have noticed that it is hard to find garbage bags in any size smaller than large. Probably not as hard as I first supposed, but with this thought in mind I decided, when I was furnishing the apartment, to get a large trash can. That way I wouldn’t waste trash bag capacity. I discovered the amount of trash I Read More

Why so sad?

We all children I went home to see my Mother In the quiet house. Children, twelve, had we been And children we returned. Shades of tomorrow we all Have plucking at our heels. “Look at me,” they say, each one, Young dreams, attention-starved. Constantly our shades will clamor If we regard them still. Mother watched her shades leave her And Read More