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The trash is starting to smell

I have noticed that it is hard to find garbage bags in any size smaller than large. Probably not as hard as I first supposed, but with this thought in mind I decided, when I was furnishing the apartment, to get a large trash can. That way I wouldn’t waste trash bag capacity. I discovered the amount of trash I Read More

Why so sad?

We all children I went home to see my Mother In the quiet house. Children, twelve, had we been And children we returned. Shades of tomorrow we all Have plucking at our heels. “Look at me,” they say, each one, Young dreams, attention-starved. Constantly our shades will clamor If we regard them still. Mother watched her shades leave her And Read More

Salad a la carte, 11/1

Put some chicken tenders in a pan and add Mrs. Dash Southwestern Chipolte marinade. Mrs. Dash is low salt, low sugar, no MSG, which isn’t that important to me by itself, but it leaves the sauce with a light, natural taste–not heavy with high-powered flavorings like corn syrup and salt. A lot of other barbecue sauces taste like ketchup on Read More

Supper 10/30

Late out of work (about six). Late out grocery shopping. Late start to supper. Two leg and thigh pieces of chicken, cooked stovetop over medium heat with a little bit of water to help keep from scorching and to add some steam heat, and dressed with a Romano salad dressing. Kept covered. Spaghetti squash, frozen earlier in the year fresh Read More