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The purpose of doing without

I think I am starting to repeat beyond seemliness that I have enough money to buy anything I want. Please don’t come begging for little scraps of my great wealth, because this statement is just a flashy cocktail of propaganda, self-delusion, and catechism. In other words, it’s not true. For one thing, I know that as soon as you buy Read More

Picking apart daisies

When I was thinking about reviving this blog, I considered subtitling it “Diary of a two-face liar.” I decided not to saddle the whole site with the mood of the day, and really, it would have been too self-congratulatory, especially coupled with “Clever Dialectic.” I considered the subtitle not purely out of self-pity. I have a troubling propensity to lie Read More

Instruction for Puking

“Don’t stick your face so far in the bowl next time.” Note: Not my own quote. Overheard from a coworker’s conversation with her child. I might post it over my own toilet. So far I have not ceased to derive amusement from the sagacity of this advice.

Breadcrumb chicken and spinach

Tonight’s supper was really good and arose coincidentally. My bread was in imminent danger of sprouting mold so I knew I was going to dry it out in the oven and use it for breadcrumb chicken. I even remembered to move the chicken from freezer to refrigerator before leaving for work. Once I got the bread dried and crumbled, it Read More