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Not the first and not the last

NewMeat comes in comes in to ask for data and he makes obligatory small talk about the holiday. I ask him: “So, did you have the in-laws up for Thanksgiving?” “Yeah. . . all of them. Her brothers and sisters and their kids. It was great birth control,” he says, with a laugh. “Yeah,” I say. I grin, too, but Read More

Home, Church, and School

For the stranger that stumbles onto this, let me clear up several biases right away. I was homeschooled right up through high school, stayed at home until college (when I lived with my grandparents), and have other post-school siblings still living at home. Also homeschooled, if that is not apparent. And I have not regularly attended any kind of church Read More

There is no measure to my madness

I rarely measure when I cook. I was taught to cook by a measure-loving mother, and she made good food, so no disrespect to the measuring cooks. When food is prepared for my benefit by other people then it is food and I am glad to have it and I appreciate its flavors. But, by some narcissistic mechanism, when I Read More


In the Bible, the word we have as “church” is an assembly or group. Who is gathered together, and why? By inference, the church assembly is a gathering of Christians, beleivers in the person, work, and teachings of Jesus Christ. By instruction, they are gathered to encourage, admonish, and exhort [ed.] one another. Now this could hardly be a perfect Read More