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Pork Chop and Portuguese

I had already decided before I got home that I wanted pork chop for supper, but I wasn’t sure how many and what I wanted along with it. I decided I should use some of the whole wheat Portuguese rolls that I bought fresh the night before. I also decided to limit myself to one pork chop, and not cook Read More

Oh what gruesome sights we see, when first we practice to perceive

I got glasses about the time I was learning to drive. I didn’t have to, because in that state good vision in one eye was good enough to drive. But as I was very nearsighted in my right eye, and to keep the learning experience as safe as possible, I got the glasses and wore them intermittently, mainly for driving. Read More

Found snooping in other people’s stuff

A sermon on marriage. It appears there is a second part.

Don’t shop while you wait

I had new tires put on my car, and some other maintenance done the meanwhile. I waited across the street in the Walmart. The longer I waited, the more went in the cart. Next time, I need a different strategy.