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Et tu?

Echoes of Pain The silent strain in your eyes, The anticipated blow— Tis the choking grief that ties. You feel the hurt I know. Loud thunders of a grief unheard Crossing the rift between us gain Volume which canst the heavens gird— Echoes of pain. Rain from clouded gaze Not else can see nor say— When alone the hand still Read More

By the comfort with which we are comforted

One aspect of 2 Corinthians that emerged as new to me is the comfort that it offers for believers distraught in their relationship with people, perhaps especially other believers. In the first half of the epistle, as Paul lays out the intent of his first letter, he explains that he has not lost all confidence in the Corinthians, and that Read More


I love the smell of wood smoke on a cold day. Every time I catch a whiff of smoke mingled with frost, I feel I am getting close to home. Which is odd, since I have never lived in a home heated with wood.

Several missteps in architecture

I was just over at Architecture and Morality, for no other reason than to appreciate the moment of casual commendation my brother received in the recent podcast. Since I was really only listening for the name-drop, I didn’t pay close attention to the podcast or the blog posts I was reading at the same time, yet they managed to strike Read More